Folk Art Carved


  • Beautiful 19th C American Walnut Folk Art Dovetail Document Box Hand Carved
  • Antique American Hand Carved Sailors Folk Art Corset Busk, Early 19th Century
  • Late 19th Century Carved Wooden Painted Folk-art Dog Hiding Box
  • Antique Superb Tramp Art'crown Of Thorns' Carved Basket Folk Art 19th Century
  • Antique 19th Century Hand Carved Bulldog Root Wood Folk Art Walking Stick Cane
  • 19th Century Hand Carved Spoon With Big Heart On Handle. Folk Art Heart Spoon
  • American 19th Century Antique Wood Folk Art Hand Carved Snake Walking Cane 32
  • Antique Wooden Skull Hand Carved 19th Century Folk Art
  • Bonus Video 19th C Folk Art Painting Of Dartmouth College
  • Antique 19th C Folk Art Ship Diorama Shadow Box Carved Painted Wood Circa 1890s
  • 19th C American Antique Folk Art Hand Carved Painted Kinetic Hinged Wooden Doll
  • 19th Century Folk Art Sailors Carved Coconut, Sterling Accents, Fraternal Flags
  • Folk Art Dutch Gaper Pharmacy Carving 19th C
  • 19th Century German Folk Art Carved Birds
  • Antique Chip Carved Miniature Dome Top Box Chest Best Geometric 19th C Folk Art
  • 19th Century Folk Art Painted Carved Wood Full Bodied Running Horse Weathervane
  • Pair Of 19th Century Antique Carved Santos Reliquary Tramp Folk Art Boxes